Creative Mamas
Welcome to Creative Mamas

Hello. Welcome to Creative Mamas.

I'm Kirsten - a Creativity Coach, a Writer, an Actress/Director and a Mom.

I established Creative Mamas for women who are juggling the desire to live an art-full (satisfying, creative, abundant) life with all the other responsibilities (joyful and otherwise) that come with being a woman.

Creative Mamas is all about re-igniting the spark that creativity can bring to your life.

It is a resource and support network for women who want to make time to make something and find themselves constantly putting their creative dreams last on the list.

  • Learn to give yourself the time and space you need to make the art you want to make.
  • Remove the internal and external blocks to your self expression.
  • Find your creative voice and deepen your work.
  • Create balance between nurturing your creative spirit and the responsibilities that run your life.
  • Expand your comfort zone and step beyond the boundaries the make your art less than what you want it to be.

Keep love first and foremost in your life and
love yourself enough to make something
that is uniquely you.

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